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Why PHP?


PHP stands for hypertext Preprocessor and could be a server-side programing language.

There are several reasons to use PHP for server side programming, first it’s a free language with no licensing fees that the price of using it’s least.

A good advantage of using PHP is that it will act with many alternative information languages together with MySQL. we tend to work with MySQL at Webz since this is often additionally a free language therefore it is smart to use PHP. both PHP Associate in Nursingd MySQL area unit compatible with an Apache server that is additionally liberated to license. PHP also can run on Windows, linux and UNIX operating system servers.

Due to of these languages being free it’s low cost and straightforward to setup and make a web site victimisation PHP.

Is PHP the right choice for you and You’re Business ?

  1. Fast Load Time – PHP ends up in quicker web site loading speeds. PHP codes runs a lot of quicker than ASP as a result of it runs in its own memory house whereas ASP uses AN overhead server and a COM primarily based architecture.
  2. More cost-effective software system – In operating with PHP, most tools related to the program are open supply software system, like WordPress, therefore you wish not purchase them. As for ASP, you would possibly have to be compelled to purchase further tools to figure with its programs.
  3. More cost-effective Hosting – ASP programs have to be compelled to run on Windows servers with IIS put in. Hosting corporations have to be compelled to purchase each of those elements in order for ASP to figure, this typically ends up in a costlier price for monthly hosting services. On the opposite hand, a PHP would solely need running on a Linux server, that is offered through a hosting supplier at no further price.
  4. Info Flexibility – PHP is versatile for info property. It will connect with many databases the foremost ordinarily used is that the MySQL. MySQL are often used for free. If ASP is employed, MS-SQL, a Microsoft product should be purchased.
  5. Hyperbolic on the market Programming Talent – PHP is employed a lot of typically making a bigger pool of talent to decide on from for modifications and building and lowering the price per hour for those services. And creating it easier to seek out somebody to update your {site|website|web web site} within the future if you decide on to rent a staffer for the task or work with AN alternate supplier than the one who designed your site.
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