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LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is that the platform of alternative for the fast development within the world competitive marketplace for deploying cheap , reliable, scalable, secure internet applications for small to giant scale internet sites and web applications. LAMP open supply framework is that the most well-liked alternative for developing scale out design by harnessing the total potentialities of internet 2.0 applications.

LAMP is that the platform for the custom development and preparation of high performance internet applications.

  • Linux as AN OS is most frequently accustomed run servers and might run quite well even on older hardware
  • Apache is that the most generally used internet server which might be run on a range of operative system;
  • MySQL is renowned for its responsibility and free availableness. additionally includes PostgreSQL.
  • PHP contains a range of inbuilt options that build it additional intuitive and is most frequently utilized in conjunction with MySQL.

Now, even Perl, Python and alternative programming languages square measure enclosed within the LAMP descriptor.


  • LAMP application framework unlocks several new potentialities for all clients without licensing restrictions and you’ll be able to develop and deploy LAMP applications in keeping with your wants and not in keeping with the method ordered down by some technology businessman.
  • Being open supply LAMP technologies square measure totally customizable thus you’ll be able to add or work out any practicality from the appliance being developed as per your necessities.
  • Usingthe customizable LAMP options we tend to develop totally sturdy and scalable internet of  2.0 applications for your want.

#LAMP (Linux -Apache – MySQL – PHP)

Webz has been AN early parent of open supply technologies like LAMP and therefore have experienced teams that are building applications with UNIX operating system, Apache, MySQL/ PostgreSQL, and PHP (commonly remarked because the “LAMP” suite) from the first stages of those technologies evolution. At Webz we have a tendency to watched PHP become AN business customary and also the middleware of selection for lots of businesses round the world. along side LAMP, our experience in JavaScript, Ajax, Perl, Python and different present internet technologies has allowed America to deliver complicated internet systems within the evolving web 2.0 world.

Webz provides offshore software system development and LAMP custom software system outsourcing services supported many years of expertise in death penalty comes supported UNIX operating system, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) technologies. Webz has in depth expertise in UNIX operating system, Apache, MySQL and PHP. we’ve capabilities in acting integration and custom development with LAMP technologies. Our team has development expertise acting on complicated system for giant internet applications and custom software system development. Our developers square measure certified in open supply technologies, notably MySQL and PHP, and actively incorporate advances like the Iranian Framework into our work.

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