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First of all java could be a open supply programing language created by Sun Microsoft overtaken by oracle .Its ASCII text file is obtainable at no cost within each JDK ( Java Development Kit)

Java could be a platform Independent: – Platform freelance suggests that java will run on any pc regardless to the hardware and computer code dependency. suggests that Java doesn’t depend upon hardware suggests that what type of processor , RAM etc. Java can run on a machine which is able to satisfy its basic desires .
Java could be a Secure Language


The simplicity of Java means a software engineer might learn it quickly. the quantity of language constructs has been unbroken little and it’s a glance and feel acquainted to C, C++ and Objective-C. thus programmers will simply migrate to Java. Java doesn’t support pointers that are a disreputable supply of bugs. Eliminating them simplifies the language and eliminates several potential bugs. Memory is mechanically allotted and de-allocation is finished by the rubbish collector and should not be expressly programmed.

Java is an Object-Oriented language from the bottom up. Java includes numbers, booleans and characters as ground varieties. In Java, categoriesaren’ttop notchcitizens, i.e. categoriesaren’t objects and thus the metaclass ideaisn’t supported. during thismanner, categoriesare oftenoutlinedsolely statically. Java supports single inheritance however some aspects of multiple inheritance are often achieved exploitation the interface idea. That is, multiple inheritance exists just for abstract ways and static-final variables (i.e. category constants).
Java has been designed to support applications on networks. It supports totally different levels of property through categories within the package. The URL category permits a Java application to open and access remote objects on the net. In Java, it’s clear if a file is native or remote. victimisation the Socket category, one will produce distributed purchasers and servers. New upgrades of Java support Remote technique Invocation (RMI). Approaches that execute code on alternative machines across a network are confusing furthermore as tedious to debug. The nicest thanks to deem them is that some objects happen to live in another machine, and so you’ll send a message thereto object and find a result as if the item lived on your local machine. This simplification is exactly what Java Remote technique Invocation has enforced since version 1.1.
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