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What Is IVR ??

Interactive voice response (IVR) may be a technology that permits a pc to interact with humans through the utilization of voice and DTMF tones input via keyboard or keypad. In telecommunications, IVR permits customers to act with a company’s host system via a mobile phone keyboard or by speech recognition, when that services will be inquired regarding through the IVR dialogue. IVR systems will respond with recorded or dynamically generated audio to any direct users on a way to proceed. IVR systems deployed within the network are sized to handle massive decision volumes and additionally used for outward-bound calling, as IVR systems are additional intelligent than several predictive dialer systems.

# Webz Developer are Specialized in IVR Development

We Develops Custom IVR Software For Business, Using Asterisk, Dhadhi, Lipri, Pri lines, SIP ,Our Software Consist Automatic calling , call recording, Voice message, gingle message, Voice broadcast ,Route Calls With Ease, Support Remote Working, Call Routing , Reports and Analytics ,etc

#Unlimited Channels:

Missing client calls due to restrictions on the amount of channels you’ll be able to use is archaic. At Webz, we’ve got long-run relationships with our customers and wish to be a key part in their growth story. Hence, we offer unlimited channels to all or any our customers.

#Great user experience:

The simplicity of the Exotel platform is our strength. the easy to use Visual genus Apis permit you utilize simple drag & drop functions to make even complicated call flows.


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