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Why .NET?


We get asked “Why .NET?” lots. It’s rare to search out .NET startups lately and permanently reason. traditionally speaking, the .NET scheme was unattractive because of the high licensing value of Windows and Visual Studio. additionally, .NET had poor ability with non-Microsoft product, that meant extra licensing prices for compatible product (like SQL Server). Lastly, Microsoft’s aggressive anti-competitive stance towards its competitors and open supply software created a rift between their product and developers.

However, as technologies like Ruby on Rails, Django, and Node gained quality and took market share from Microsoft, the business case was created and Microsoft had to alter. As an organization Microsoft is drastically completely different than it absolutely was 10 years ago and also the current .NET landscape could be a clear indicator of that modification.

Reasons Why DotNET Is Better Than Java


1- In .NET you have got a alternative of languages to code with (C#,VB.NET, Java,Boo,Python e.t.c), manufacturing a similar kind of compiled code however in Java one is restricted to the java language. One could argue that jython is another, however even the creator of jython WHO later created it’s .NET version referred to as IronPython admitted that .NET may be a a lot of powerful technology.

2, internet prgrams run at native speed whereas java is understood that makes java slower.Although java has simply In Time compilation however it stills run slower. With .NET you’re not restricted to JIT however have the choice AOT or previous time compilation if you wish to eliminate startup delays.

3. occupation native code in java isn’t a awfully clean method. you would like to get some stub files that makes the full method cumbersome and dirty. In .NET you simply declare that you just square measure occupation a native perform from a given library and just begin occupation it.

4. .NET languages square measure richer than Java. they need object headed feature that square measure absent in java e.g properties,delegates,generics.

5. Java graphical user interface programs look alien on the host OS. even though you utilize the OS’s theme you continue to notice that the java widgets look out of place.

6. .NET within the type of Mono has brought an entire revolution on the UNIX operating system desktop in type of nice applications like hound dog, tomboy, diva, iFolder, banshee e.t.c. this is often one thing that java has didn’t do despite the actual fact that it has been there long
before .NET

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