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#At Webz we plans our work and work our plans by doing  mature and well-honed quality processes and system

Managing advanced software package development comes is concerning economical utilization of resources, risk management, correct estimation of budgets and timelines, old choice of applicable technologies, and planning feature development to satisfy time-to-market needs. Risk could be a reality in each project; Webz reiterative methodology for software package development is intended specifically to mitigate risk.

The most vital question to answer before beginning development is: Why is that this product required within the marketplace? the solution to the present question represent the business objectives of the merchandise that ought to drive its entire life-cycle. A software package product’s development life-cycle is comprised of 4 facets:

Requirements: What options can the merchandise have?
Design: however can the merchandise provide these features?
Coding: however can the options be coded and unit tested?
Testing and delivery: however can the merchandise be tested and delivered to customers?

These four aspects are managed by a project set up that determines once the product can provide the specified options.

In a ancient water lifecycle model, the project set up organizes the four phases in an exceedingly strict serial order. lots of your time is spent up front to outline and analyze needs and to finish the design of the target system before a line of code is written. This model doesn’t handle changes in needs or style well. additionally, it creates a synthetic separation between business analysts, architects, designers, and programmers, resulting in the chance of miscommunication and divergence between the business objectives and vision of a product and its implementation.

Using AN reiterative life-cycle model, the four aspects of a product are integrated so business objectives drive the complete method, and therefore the needs and style are incessantly refined whereas the code evolves. The project set up arranges the event into little releases, and mandates continued integration of all coded elements, progressive builds, and periodic validation of refined needs and style. By doing thus, it encourages a shared possession of the merchandise among business analysts, software package architects, designer, programmers, and testers; this shared possession reduces the chance of miscommunication and divergence. It conjointly permits continued refinement and integration to avoid any unpleasant surprises simply before the delivery date.


At Webz Quality could be a approach of Life!

We take each care to make sure that the software system we have a tendency to build satisfies our client’s necessities. the sole thanks to make sure that is to perform quality assurance throughout the software system life-cycle. we have a tendency to usually involve a lead quality engineer within the early phases of a project to participate in necessities stimulant and analysis, to make sure that our quality assurance team understands the business objectives and also the careful necessities. This understanding permits the team to develop a comprehensive quality assurance set up for the project that features the subsequent elements:

  • Test set up and check Cases – we have a tendency to develop an entire testing set up supported the wants. The check set up includes unit, integration and system testing. The check set up includes all the check cases that usually cowl practicality, error handling, performance, , and fail over, among alternative needed tests. The check set up and check cases area unit valid with the consumer throughout the first stages of a project, and area unit refined and increased throughout the downstream activities (detailed style and coding).
  • Traceability Matrix – throughout the software system life-cycle we have a tendency to trace the wants to the planning elements, to the code modules, and to the check cases. this allows America to trace changes to {the necessities|the wants|the necessities} and to validate the check set up covers all requirements and every one style .
  • Peer reviews of styles and code – betting on the scale and length of a project, we have a tendency to conduct style and code reviews with architects and engineers from outside the project. These reviews give a chance for valuable feedback and freelance perspective.
    Acceptance set up – At the start of every iteration of a project, we have a tendency to develop quantifiable-parts an in depth acceptance set up that describes all the expected deliverables throughout or at the tip of the iteration. The consumer signs off on the acceptance decide to indicate agreement on the expected results.

Project Management:

In any outsourced project, establishing a good project management is most important to confirm project success

In some cases, the project manager is native to the client and works closely with the client liaison(s) throughout the project lifecycle. In others, we tend to assign a project manager in our offshore workplace to correspond with the project manager from the client facet.

The terribly 1st task of the project manager is to develop a comprehensive Project Management arrange (PMP) that establishes the following:

  • Method Customization –Any deviation or trade from Webz standard international Delivery method and therefore the reasons for such a deviation (budget, time pressure, etc.)
  • Communication arrange – however can the team communicate across geographic locations, daily and weekly standing coverage mechanisms, use of instant electronic communication, email, video conferencing, net conferencing, phonephone and different communications tools.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – World Health Organization will what on the project team; coverage and step-up mechanisms.
    Project Audit arrange – however can the project checkpoints be audited to confirm that they need been followed systematically.
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